Generation Y are using twitter its Generation X that struggles

This morning somebody I follow on twitter posted this “According to a study by Pingdom, the average age of the Twitter user is 39 and more than 60 percent of all Twitter users are 35 or older. Why is Generation Y not into Twitter?”.
I actually have to differ on opinion on this I would say generation are the ones struggling to get to grips with it. Straw poll of my friends in their late twenties early thirties last night revealed that none of them are infact on twitter or interested in using it. This are all people who are doing quite well in their careers and are required to network.
I’ve done surveys for brands before which I only advertised through twitter and their was a big gap in the age rankings 50% of respondants were under 25, 35% were over 35 and only 15 % were in the 26 to 34 bracket.
I think the reason this age group doesn’t get into twitter is the time it takes to actually make twitter valuable to yourself.
The myspace generation are far more comfortable starting conversations over the internet as a way of networking and marketing themselves where those who aren’t don’t quite feel comfortable just putting themselves in this situation.
I remember a while back company a magazine aimed at gen y did a whole issue dedicated to blogging and profiled the women responsible for tweeting for young high street chains. They were all under twenty five.
The thing to remember that twitter is a micro blogging service so young people won’t start to actively use it until they have something they want to broadcast where as kids as young as nine ten use facebook to communicate with their friends.
Whilst this article makes some brilliant points about the value of using twitter I think it might unfortunately made the wrong call on this.


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